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How to Create and Sustain Groups that Thrive:
Therapists Workbook and Planning Guide


Workgroups That Thrive

Dr. Steiner provides a hands-on approach to the challenges of forming and maintaining cohesive, durable and effective groups. This easy-to-use manual includes a screening and preparation system, complete with modifiable forms. Each form is designed as a guide that you can modify for your groups. 

This handy guidebook includes templates that can be modified based on your particular needs. Practical tools include:

  • Screening Protocols
  • Sample Group Agreements
  • Group/Life History Forms
  • Designing Group Agreements that Fit Your Group
  • Agreements for Healthy Termination in Groups
  • Different Groups for Different Folks: From Self-Help to Psychodynamic Groups
  • Tools for Self-Help Group Leaders

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"The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness:
How to Add Joy to the Ride"

Description: MP3: An interview with motivational speaker and psychotherapist Dr. Ann Steiner.

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Help Your Group Thrive: Workbook and Planning Guide

This easy-to-use manual guides leaders of discussion groups, peer support groups, organizations and workplace teams. It provides leadership tools, sample group agreements, online netiquette, and numerous modifiable forms.

This workbook includes guidelines that can enrich and protect writer’s critique groups, book groups, work groups, psychotherapy groups, etc.

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